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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Update

From our on-the-scene reporter, my Dad, I've received a recent update on south central Florida's circumstances after Hurricane Wilma. His bronchitus is still not healed, BTW, but he says he is feeling less lousy and hurting less. He sounds horrible though.

He says it is really quiet in his neighborhood. Nothing but the sound of generators and the occasional chainsaw is spoiling the quiet. He also says it my be 3 weeks before all the electricity is restored! Yikes! The local Home Depot was open for business but the line to get service was more than a block long! Apparently the store is open for business but not for browsing and people were lining up at a side door where they were either being escorted to the part of the store they needed materials from or the HD employees were taking orders and then pulling the material without letting customers in the store at all. Dad, not being one to stand in line for much of anything decided his garage door spring could wait for another day.

You can see pictures of local damage from the home page of West Palm TV and read about the cleanup efforts.

He doesn't need to be doing much while he continues to get better from the bronchitus but I know it must be tough for him to sit back and not be out picking up, cleaning up and assisting others with their hurricane damage. He will get his chance soon enough.

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